We help
every step of the way.

1. Booking Confirmed

Let the automation begin

You've got a new booking.
2. A few days before checkin

Automatic Welcome Message

Your guest is welcomed with a beautiful, customized welcome message through SMS and email.
3. Checkin

Guest Keycard

The Keycard is your guest's one-stop-shop for keeping track of their booking and getting into the home.
4. Checkin

Checkin notification

With one tap, your guest has unlocked the door and you'be been notified.
5. During the Stay

AI Concierge

Your guest wants to know about Wi-Fi and restaurant recommendations. No need to wait for answers, because our chatbot responds instantly.
6. During the Stay

Your guest needs
to quiet down.

Looks like your guest has been partying. Luckily, your Noiseware device alerts you and prevents costly noise complaints.
7. Checkout

Hope you've had a great stay!

Automatically get feedback from your guests and remind them to post a review.
8. Service

Clean up &
Refresh for your next guest

Book servicing automatically and get detailed reports from your staff.
9. Ongoing

Keep track of business.

Get full financial visibility with detailed PDF reports.